Terms & Conditions
I-BUTLER General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs
§ 1 Area of validity
(1) The stated business conditions are part of every contract regarding business cooperation between World Style Media GmbH&Co.KG, Am Hochacker 4, 85630 Grasbrunn (hereinafter referred to as I-BUTLER) and an independent and self-employed contract partner (hereinafter referred to as PUBLISHER).

(2) I-BUTLER acts exclusively on the basis of these business conditions.

§ 2 Subject of contract and the conclusion of a business cooperation contract
(1) I-BUTLER is a company through a network of PUBLISHERs distributes a high quality program for comparing prices and internet services (hereinafter referred to as services) in Germany, other countries and other states. The PUBLISHER is to provide the said services to I-BUTLER. For this activity the PUBLISHER shall receive an appropriate commission. The PUBLISHER can provide the services by I-Butler, for example to send price comparisons – Add-ons, so the Third User can also compare prices and buy goods for which the PUBLISHER then receives, upon succesful purchase, a comission which forms the basis of its business. A PUBLISHERship is established by registering with I-BUTLER. It is not necessary to recruit further PUBLISHERs for the aforementioned activity.

(2) In addition to the activities described in article (1) the PUBLISHER is entitled to recruit additional PUBLISHERs for selling products. For the care and maintenance of these additional PUBLISHERs the PUBLISHER who managed to recruit them for the said services shall receive an appropriate care commission. Both the amount of the commission as well as the qualification requirements are determined by the current designated rewards in net worth and the current valid Publisher Information

(3) During the registration purposes different types of Memberships are possible: Member as a publisher is completely free. A „publisher“ receives the services and listed facilities, according tot he Publisher Information. It also describes how much can be achieved in commission.

For recording and performing its activities I-Butler represents the PUBLISHER an online registration on the Internet site of I-butler. After registration, the member receives access to its back office.

Services of all PUBLISHER types include in addition to a replicated website, a fully functional and equipped back office, which allows the Member, an always and comprehensive overview of incurred actions, its revenues, commissions and customer developments, including the marketing tools and I-BUTLER Add-oNs included. In the paid memberships, there are also other options / features that include additional services, the details of the services are provided in the back office of I-BUTLER.

Furthermore, there will additional services offered such as Webinars and e-learning, so that a member can begin its work immediately and without further necessary fees. The provision to extend the right of the use of fee, types of PUBLISHER and service fees, and further recurring product and company information as well as other useful informtion obtained for his business are regulated in §7. In addition, each member will have the right to participate in the training support offered by I-BUTLER and other service activities.

§ 3 General terms and conditions for concluding a contract
(1) A contract can be concluded with legal persons, partnerships or with natural persons who have reached the age of 18 and who are entrepeneurs. Conclusion of a contract by a consumer is not possible according to §13 BGB. With natural persons, partnerships (e.g. GbR, OHG, KG) and legal persons (e.g. AG, GmbH, Ltd.), only a PUBLISHERship request is accepted.

(2) If a legal person (AG, GmbH, Ltd.) requests a PUBLISHERship, it is necessary for it to submit a copy of a trade register listing and a copy of a document certifying the Tax Identification Number. The manager or respective legal representatives must have signed the member application and be at least 18 years old.

(3) Partnerships (e.g. GbR, OHG, KG) – should they have at their disposal – also submit a copy of a trade register listing, a copy of the memorandum and a copy of a document certifying the Tax Identification Number, with all the associates being listed by their full names. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. The manager or respective legal representatives must sign must have signed the member application and be at least 18 years old.

(4) Should online / order forms be used, then these forms are considered part of the contract.

(5) Registration is only possible online, on the website offered by I-BUTLER. The PUBLISHER is obliged to fill out the online registration fully and properly and, prior to submitting the
form, agree with the General terms and conditions for PUBLISHERs by setting a tick in the checkbox. Changes in the PUBLISHER´s personal or company data must be reported to I-BUTLER immediately without delay by placing them upon record in the back office. In individual cases I-BUTLER reserves the right to request additional information from the PUBLISHER.

(6) Acceptance of the contract is part of I-BUTLER once the PUBLISHER has done ist online registration request fully and agreed with the General terms and conditions for PUBLISHERs by setting a tick in the checkbox. I-BUTLER reserves the right to turn down PUBLISHERship requests based on its own consideration and without providing explanation.

(7) In the case of violation of the obligations regulated by paragraphs (1) to (3) and (5) I-BUTLER has the right to terminate the PUBLISHERship contract immediately even without prior notice and alternatively/possibly/as the case may be request the refund of commissions paid out. In cases of immediate contract termination I-BUTLER explicitly reserves the right to claim compensation for damage.

§ 4 The obligations of PUBLISHERs
(1) The PUBLISHER is required to protect his personal passwords and access information from disclosure to a third party.

(2) Throughout his activity the PUBLISHER is prohibited to violate the rights of I-BUTLER, its PUBLISHERs or other third parties, damage them, harass them or violate valid legal regulations in any other way. It is especially prohibited to distribute unrequested advertising e-mails, advertising faxes or advertising SMS (spam). Abuse or the conduct of illegal activities, such as carrying out unauthorized deceptive advertising, is prohibited. The PUBLISHER is not allowed to state incorrect or misleading information about I-BUTLER products or the sale system. PUBLISHERs are further prohibited from conducting advertisement in front of third parties about the possibilities of making profit, or providing information about commissions, especially with regard to promotional measures.

(3) The PUBLISHER acts as an independent entrepeneur. The member is also obliged to clarify this in the external representation and to identify themselves as “self-employed I-Butler Partner”. Internet home pages, stationery, business cards, motor vehicle labels, stickers, and advertisements, promotional materials and the like shall include the words “self-employed I-Butler Partner”. The Member is also prohibited, in the name of I-BUTLER to apply for loans or the interest or on behalf of the company and to make expenditures, to incur commitments, to open bank accounts or
enter into other contracts. He is r workers nor trade representatives or agents of I-BUTLER. There are no sales targets, inspection and other operational obligations. The Member is subject except the contractual obligations of any instructions. I-BUTLER bears the full entrepreneurial risks of its business activity, including the obligation to pay its all business costs, including the requirement for the proper payment of his employees, if there are any. The member has set up its operation in the sense of a prudent and operate businessman.

(4) As an independent businessman, the PUBLISHER holds personal responsibility for abiding the relevant legal provisions including tax regulations and social security regulations (e.g. acquiring a Tax Identification Number or trade license). The PUBLISHER makes sure that the revenues from commissions which he gained as part of his activity for I-BUTLER have been properly taxed in his place of business. I-BUTLER reserves the right to read taxes and payments from the agreed commissions or more precisely to collect amounts for the purpose of damage compensation or paying the costs generated as a result of the violation of the aforementioned regulations, apart from the damages and costs that were not caused by the PUBLISHER. I-BUTLER pays no sum on social security for its PUBLISHER.

(5) The PUBLISHER is basically allowed to conduct activities and/or services for a different company engaged in network marketing. It is forbidden to the member; Other I-BUTLER Member poach for sales of other products. The Member is also prohibited to breach through the conclusion of a contract against other Member Member-, partnership, or other sales contracts that it has concluded with other companies and develop their terms nor effect. Even the members advertising or marketing materials (for example, brochures, CDs, videos, websites, flyers, online newsletters, online presentation) of I-BUTLER other members of I-BUTLER is forbidden to sell or otherwise distribute.

(6) The PUBLISHER must maintain absolute confidentiality regarding trade secret and the structure of I-BUTLER. Trade secret also includes the report on partner activities and the information it contains. The information in a partner activities report cannot be used for purposes of market competition. These obligations persist even after the termination of the business cooperation contract.

(7) I-BUTLER provides for the German-speaking area and as far as available in other languages, marketing and sales documentation as well as sites (replicated sites) and apps (if any) are available. The use, production and distribution of their own or created by third sales materials, product brochures, websites, apps or other promotional material generated just like the change of the offered I-BUTLER services, sales materials, product brochures, websites, apps or other promotional material generated by prior, revocable written permission of I-BUTLER whose grant at the discretion of I-BUTLER is permitted. The Application of I-BUTLER products via the Internet is exclusively via the official output side of I-BUTLER allowed. In the event that the member benefits of I-BUTLER in other Internet media (such as Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc.) such as social networks (for example, Facebook, etc.), online bidding blogs or chat rooms, etc., he can always use only the official I-BUTLER advertising claims and make nowhere information about his income or earning potential at I-BUTLER.

(8) I-BUTLER products can be presented and sold according to valid legal regulations during webinars, at public information parties (informative events) and at personal meetings with PUBLISHERs only in the framework of existing law revocable via webinars. (Which each mention of §3 paragraph 1). Business representatives can further present I-BUTLER products at trade fairs and trade shows, providing there is no other PUBLISHER of I-BUTLER presenting I-BUTLER products at that time. A limitation is that the PUBLISHER must not offer the products of a competitor at this fair. I-BUTLER products, with with the exception of I-BUTLER-ADD-ONs, can be distributed in supermarkets only with previous written approval from I-BUTLER.

(9) Products cannot be offered without previous written approval from I-BUTLER at auctions, public or private flea markets, on swap meets, department stores, in online markets such as eBay, Amazon or similar places of sale. Regarding the introduction of the I-BUTLER-ADD-ONs product on the market, this product can be presented only when using one of the I-BUTLER advertising banners on internet swap meets, in online shops or on online markets.

(10) The PUBLISHER must not give the impression that he is acting upon the request or under the name of the I-BUTLER company. He is further obliged to introduce himself as an independent PUBLISHER of I-BUTLER. On websites, with marketing tools, in electronic messages of any kind, in online communications of any kind, in letters, on business cards, on car signs and also in adverts, in advertising foundations etc. there must be an amendment stating “independent PUBLISHER of the I-BUTLER company” present. The PUBLISHER is further prohibited from using the I-BUTLER name to ask for credit and accept credit, make expenses, accept obligations, open bank accounts, conclude contracts or make other mandatory declarations.

(11) All travel expenses, costs, office expenses, phone bills or other expenses for advertising materials are covered by the PUBLISHER himself in connection with his self-employed activity in conjunction with I-BUTLER.

(12) During business negotiations, the PUBLISHER is not allowed to speak of competing brands and companies in a negative manner, belittle their value, or to judge them negatively, disrespectfully and outside the law for the purpose of luring the PUBLISHERs of other companies.

(13) All the materials designated for presentation, advertising, training and film, etc. (including photographs) of I-BUTLER are the property of I-Butler. Without explicit written approval from I-BUTLER to use such materials, the PUBLISHER is not allowed to copy (this applies to the materials as a whole as well as their individual parts), spread, edit, publicly release or process it.

(14) Usage of the I-BUTLER logos, graphics and the registered trademark (registered trademarks can only be presented with the ® symbol), product names, and I-BUTLER business designation is permitted only with explicit written approval. This also applies to registering internet domains, trademarks, product names, companies and products which use the I-BUTLER name, trademark and business designation in written form and lack written approval from I-BUTLER or this approval has been cancelled and/or is being transferred to I-BUTLER.

(15) The PUBLISHER is not permitted to answer questions to the press regarding the I-BUTLER company, its products, its reward program or other activities conducted by I-BUTLER. The PUBLISHER is obligated to direct any press inquiries towards I-BUTLER. The same applies to inquiries or complaints made by authorities, law courts or other third parties regarding the products or sale system of I-BUTLER; these inquiries or complaints too must be immediately passed on to I-BUTLER.

(16) The PUBLISHER is allowed to conduct his activity for I-BUTLER or recruit new PUBLISHERs only in those countries officially announced by I-BUTLER and for which I-BUTLER has prepared official advertising and marketing materials, as replictaed websites and apps, if yet, has made available.

(27) The PUBLISHER, who is simultaneously a sponsor, is obliged to support his partner. The sponsor is under the obligation to familiarize his partner with the sales techniques and activities, clarify the rights and obligations, explain the reward program and go through the means of training. The sponsor however receives no special reward for this, as he is taking part in the success of his partner through appropriate commissions.

(18) Changes in the PUBLISHER´s elemental data (e.g. address, name, bank account, etc.) must be reported at the back office without unnecessary delay, no later than 10 days after making the changes.

(19) Customer inquiries or discomfort of any kind on the products, the services and the compensation system should be reported immediately to I-Butler to the e-mail address support@i-butler.de.

§ 5 Reminder, contract penalty, damage compensation, indemnification
(1) When violating the obligations regulated by § 4 for the first time, the PUBLISHER receives a written reminder form I-BUTLER giving a period of 10 days to remedy the violated obligation.

(2) If after the period stated in paragraph (1) there is repeated or similar violation of obligations or the previous reminded conduct has not been remedied, a direct appropriate contract penalty shall be given of 5100 €. When determining the contract penalty, additional legal counseling expenses are being generated which the PUBLISHER is obliged to cover.

(3) The contract penalty notwithstanding, the PUBLISHER is liable for any damage caused to I-BUTLER when violating the obligations regarding § 4, with the exception of cases where the PUBLISHER does not acknowledge the violation of obligations.

(4) The PUBLISHER will relieve I-BUTLER of liability in case the compensation claim for violating obligations regulated by § 4 or other violation of valid regulations committed by the PUBLISHER is made by a third party; with the first request by I-BUTLER. The PUBLISHER pledges to cover all expenses, especially for legal counseling, court and the compensation of damage caused to I-BUTLER in this regard.

(5) It is pointed out, which is authorized in case of breach, as well as in a very serious infringement of those mentioned here, obligations of PUBLISHERs and other applicable contractual or legal right, without prior warning to the extraordinary termination is justified. Notwithstanding of the regulated immediate extraordinary termination right, I-BUTLER has the right to issue a warning, even with shorter cure period in individual cases when entering one of the aforementioned breach of duty according to their own discretion before saying the extraordinary termination.

§ 6 PUBLISHER protection / no territorial protection
(1) Should an active PUBLISHER report a new PUBLISHER to I-BUTLER, then this new partner will be assigned to his structure (PUBLISHER protection), with the date of joining I-BUTLER being simultaneously regarded as the date of assignment to the structure. Should two PUBLISHERs report the joining of the same new PUBLISHER, whom they should sponsor, then I-BUTLER will only take the first notification into account.

(2) The notifying PUBLISHER is bound to the data of the sponsored members properly and completely to transmit. I-butler is entitled to the names and addresses of a sponsored members to delete from your system if it is found that the data including location, are not up to date.

(3) The PUBLISHER is not entitled to territorial protection

§ 7 Registration / right of use back office
(1) By registration the PUBLISHER gains the right for free usage of the back office and websites including free applications, marketing tools, etc…. as well as for the maintenance, management, support and maintenance of the I-Butler Services calculates I-Butler in the free Publisher Membership no, annual member, administrative and maintenance package, except as separately identified, such as in paid memberships.

§ 8 Advertising tools, financial contributions, data processing
(1) All free advertising tools and financial contributions of any form by I-BUTLER can be at any time retracted with future effect.

(2) Data processing by I-BUTLER for the PUBLISHER is free of charge.

§ 9 Payment conditions / commission payments / prohibition of assignment

(1)As remuneration for ist services the PUBLISHER receives commissions and other commissions to achieve the necessary qualifications according to the Publisher Information. The PUBLISHERs will check invoices issued immediately and report any incorrect determined objections to I-Butler within 30 days. After this date, the commissions, bonuses or other payment shall be approved. All commission claims resulting from the valid Publisher Information that the PUBLISHER can get in his back office and is in each case visible in the back office.

(2) I-BUTLER reserves the right to ask the member before the first payment of commissions or delivery of services to prove his identity. Proof of identity may at the option of I-BUTLER take the form of a copy of the identity card or passport in connection with a current of electricity, gas, water and other consumption invoice and must be done within 2 weeks after the call.

(3) The PUBLISHER is under communication its tax number and presentation of a confirmation of the responsible tax office I-BUTLER immediately inform you when he opted in the course of business to pay sales tax (VAT) or exceeds the small business boundaries. I-BUTLER reserves the right to ask the member before the first payment of commissions or delivery of services for the detection of its tax number and business registration.

(4) If a legal person or partnership submit an application for a PUBLISHER, in addition to the aforementioned requirements, a copy of the relevant certificate of registration on the registration, the completed business request form also submitted as the value added tax identification number or has to be send before the first payment. In addition, all shareholders must be named and be at least 18 years old.

(5) Charges and fees for the supply of services of the PUBLISHER can only be transferred to accounts in his name. Payments to other accounts can not be made.The commissions are paid out in consideration of the I-BUTLER payment and payment types, according to the payment periods, according to the Publisher Information, upon specific request of PUBLISHERs.

(6) I-BUTLER is entitled to assert a retention in accordance with the law. In addition, I-BUTLER is entitled to assert a retention due to the payment of commissions, if not all required documents are available (see (2) to (5)) prior to the first disbursement. In the event of the exercise of the retention of commission payments on the part of the I-BUTLER, is agreed that the member shall not be entitled to claim interest for the period of the commission refund deductible.

(7) I-BUTLER has the right to include the PUBLISHER´s commission fully or partially for the purpose of covering the claims it has towards the PUBLISHER. If the activity for which the client has already received commission is
rejected, then the paid commission must be refunded. Commission refund takes place in the month when the purchase has been rejected, or alternatively there is netting as part of the resulting commission claims or deduction of achieved qualification points with group bonus impacts.

(8) The PUBLISHER is entitled to set off if the counterclaims are undisputed or legally.

(9) The transfer and cessation of PUBLISHER´s claims from business cooperation contracts is impossible. Straining the contract with the rights of a third party is not allowed.

(10) Commissions which do not reach the minimum salary amount of 10,00 € are not paid. In case the minimum salary amount is not achieved, the commission will be transferred to a business account managed by I-BUTLER for the PUBLISHER, and will be paid to the PUBLISHER in the following month when the minimum salary amount is achieved.

§ 10 PUBLISHER blocking
(1) In case the PUBLISHER does not submit all the necessary documents within 30 days after registration and familiarization with the requirements concerning commission payment, then I-BUTLER will temporarily block the PUBLISHER within the sale system until it receives those legally requested documents. Throughout the blocking period the PUBLISHER is not authorized to revoke the contract and the already-paid premium service will not be refunded, with the exception of a situation in which the PUBLISHER refuses to recognize the blocking.

(2) Claims to a commission which cannot be paid based on the said reasons will be accounted for by I-BUTLER as reserves and will become time-barred no later than within the legally established period of limitation.

(3) Notwithstanding the reasons for blocking stated in paragraph (1), I-BUTLER reserves the right to block based on another important reason. I-BUTLER reserves mainly the right to block the PUBLISHER´s access, without keeping the period, if the PUBLISHER violates the obligations stated in § 3 and § 4, other contractual obligations and other valid legal regulations, or if another more important reason arises and the PUBLISHER does not remedy the violated obligations after receiving a notice from I-BUTLER during the period stated in § 5.

§ 11 Duration and termination of contract and the consequences of contract termination/PUBLISHER passing
(1) The business cooperation contract is agreed for one month each. The contract is automatically extended by a further 1 month, unless a cancellation with a notice period of 14 days in the future of the contract.

(2) The business cooperation contract terminates no later than with the death of the PUBLISHER. The business cooperation contract can be inherited if abiding legal regulations. A new business cooperation contract must be concluded with the heir within a period of 6 months. Through it the heir gains the rights and obligations of the testator and must then fulfill the same qualifications as the testator had. If there are several heirs, then they must establish a voluntary association or legal person and when abiding by the requirements stated in § 3 must conclude a business cooperation contract with I-BUTLER. The passing is certified by a death certificate. If the business cooperation contract was part of the last will, then a notary-certified copy must be presented. After a six-month period without claiming right of inheritance all rights and obligations from the treaty are transferred on to I-BUTLER. In exceptional cases the six-month period is extended by an appropriate period of time, should it prove to be too short for the heir.

(3) Notwithstanding the reasons for termination stated in paragraph (1), the company reserves the right to terminate the contract for a different important reason. An important reason is especially the violation of obligations regulated by § 3 a § 4, should the PUBLISHER fail to remedy them within the period stated in § 5 or if after remedying the violated obligations the same or similar violation occurs afterwards. When violating the obligations regulated by § 4 (4) – (7) the company is authorized to terminate the contract without prior notice. The right for exceptional contract termination persists, other claims notwithstanding.

(4) Domains containing the “I-BUTLER” name or brand, trademark or I-BUTLER product name must not be used after contract termination and must be transferred to I-BUTLER, with I-BUTLER covering all expenses related to the domain

(5) Contract termination generates no commission right and no settlement right from a business representative´s position for the PUBLISHER, since the PUBLISHER is not a business representative in the sense of commercial law.

(6) Contract termination must be in writing via Mail to: support@i-butler.de

§ 12 Disclaimer
(1) I-BUTLER holds responsibility for the damages, excluding life, physical and health damage, caused, providing they are based on intentional or serious negligent conduct or on the caused violation of substantial contractual obligation (e.g. commission payment) by I-BUTLER, its colleagues or authorized personnel. This also applies to damage caused by violating obligations during conduct on a contractual basis and during unauthorized conduct. Damage compensation liability is excluded.

(2) Liability, with the exception of life, physical and health damage or intentional or serious negligent conduct by I-BUTLER, its employees or authorized personnel, is limited to damages that were predictable at the time of contract conclusion and, depending on the height, also to moderate damages depending on the type of contract. This applies also to indirect damages, especially lost profit.

(3) I-BUTLER is not responsible for damages of any kind which were caused by server data loss, with the exception of cases where serious negligent or intentional causing by I-BUTLER, its colleagues or authorized personnel took place. The stored data of PUBLISHERs are treated by I-BUTLER as other people´s information as per the telecommunications law.

(4) Regulations of the product liability act remain intact.

§ 13 Business firm transfer / third party transfer of a structure / share transfer regarding legal persons or partnerships
(1) I-BUTLER is entitled at any time to transfer its business firm completely or partially to a third party, if the legal successor adheres to legal regulations and valid contracts.

(2) The PUBLISHER is entitled to transfer his own sale structure following previous notice given to I-BUTLER and previous approval by I-BUTLER and after presenting the purchase and/or transfer contract with the third party, as well as the third party´s business cooperation contract, if the company did not apply its pre-emption right. Sale structure transfer is possible only to persons who are not PUBLISHERs of the I-BUTLER company at the time of this sale structure transfer. The approval can be denied by I-BUTLER, providing it does not apply its pre-emptive right, only on the basis of an important reason. The PUBLISHER is obligated to report his intended sale structure transfer to I-BUTLER in written form. After receiving the written notification, I-BUTLER has one month to apply its pre-emptive right. Should this not happen, then the sale structure transfer is permitted, unless being prevented by other important reasons. Sale is possible only in a situation where contract termination did not take place. In case of immediate contract termination or the violation of these General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs or I-BUTLER guidelines, the PUBLISHER´s right to sell is passed to the selling organization, just as it is in the case where the PUBLISHER intending to sell owes money to I-BUTLER. The PUBLISHER intending to sell his structure can register as a PUBLISHER with I-BUTLER again after a minimum period of 6 months following the sale of his sale position.

(3) If the PUBLISHER is registered as a legal person or voluntary association, then the sale structure transfer is acceptable only when upholding the conditions of this contract, especially when respecting the conditions stated in § 3.

(4) If the legal persons or voluntary associations newly registered as PUBLISHERs of I-BUTLER wish to accept a new associate, it is possible only in case the present associates who have applied for a PUBLISHERship also remain associates. Should the associate of a legal person or voluntary association, which are registered as PUBLISHERs, wish to leave or transfer his share to a third party, then this conduct is acceptable on the basis of an appropriate written request or after submitting the necessary notary documents and in accordance with this contract. For the processing of the aforementioned request, I-BUTLER has set a administrative fee of 50.00 € net pay. Should one fail to comply with this regulation, I-BUTLER reserves the right to terminate the contract with legal persons or voluntary associations which are registered as PUBLISHERs.

§ 14 Division/ Divorce
In cases where the PUBLISHER registered as a married couple, partnership, legal person or voluntary association terminates or internally ends his activity, it stands that after the division, divorce, dissolution or after terminating activity in a different way, the aforementioned social institution will retain only one position within the PUBLISHERship. The members/associates who separate must internally agree upon which of the members/associates should continue in the PUBLISHERship and the designated member/associate must then report this to I-BUTLER in written form. In case of internal disputes regarding the PUBLISHERship with I-BUTLER, the I-BUTLER company, especially if this dispute damages or jeopardizes the partner or upline or business conducted by I-BUTLER, reserves the right for exceptional termination of the contract, if such dispute leads to the PUBLISHER´s negligence of obligations, to the violation of these General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs, to the violation of valid rights or to excessive strain on partner or upline.

§ 15 Data protection
(1) In the following data protection statement of I-BUTLER can be found.

(2) By filling in and sending the order form or for the purpose of establishing a PUBLISHERship, the PUBLISHER provides I-BUTLER with his personal data.

(3) I-BUTLER treats personal data provided to it by the PUBLISHER (e.g. title, name, address, e-mail address, phone number, fax number, bank account), in accordance with the provisions of German law regarding data protection for the purpose of making and implementing contracts. I-BUTLER collects, stores and processes only that data which the PUBLISHER stated in the form. This further concerns the data which I-BUTLER stores mainly into server files for purposes of data security and which enable identification (e.g. IP-address, date, exact time). For statistical reasons, this data is anonymously evaluated during internal examination of users´ interests and behavior. For this purpose the last eight digits (partial segment) of the IP-address are removed prior to data evaluation.

(4) For the purpose of implementing the contract, especially e.g. for expedition or settlement, the PUBLISHER´s personal data are handed over e.g. to the forwarder or accounting department, if it is necessary for the implementation of the contract. These third parties are also obliged to use the PUBLISHER´s personal data exclusively in accordance with the provisions of German law regarding data protection.

(5) If permissible, the PUBLISHER is entitled at any time to request via the support@i-butler.de e-mail address the modification, blockage or deletion of his data and refuse that I-BUTLER should use his data for the purpose of mediating information.

(6) Despite the aforementioned mandatory provision of information regarding data protection, no personal date provided to the company by the PUBLISHER are passed on to a third party without further written approval from the PUBLISHER, unless they are to be made accessible based on a legal or official order.

(7) Throughout the implementation of the contract, part of which is the termination as well as full pay off of negotiated rewards, the PUBLISHER´s data, which must be stored for legal reasons, are blocked, with the exception of the data which has been permitted for further usage. This data is no longer available for further usage afterwards.

(8) If the PUBLISHER wishes to obtain additional information regarding the treatment of his personal data or the deletion, blocking or modification of the applicant is requested then e-mail support is provided at the e-mail address stated in paragraph (5).

§ 16 Inclusion of the Publisher Information / adjustment of prices
(1) The Publisher INformation and the regulations it includes are also part of the business cooperation contract. The PUBLISHER must always comply with these regulations in their current valid form.

(2) By signing the request form or online registration form, the PUBLISHER at the same time confirms that he is familiar with the reward program and accepts it as part of the contract.

(3) I-BUTLER has the right to make changes in the reward program at any given time. I-BUTLER informs the PUBLISHER about these changes via the back office, e-mail or fax within an adequate period of one month. The PUBLISHER has the right, in case he is unfamiliar with the changes, to properly revoke the contract in the period between the announcement of the changes and their coming into force. Should he not revoke the contract after the change had been made, then it stands that the PUBLISHER automatically accepts the change.

§ 17 Agreement to use photographic and audiovisual material
The PUBLISHER provides I-BUTLER the right to make photographic and/or audiovisual materials with his portrait, audio recordings or his statements and quotes within the scope of his job, free of charge. By signing the business cooperation contract and delivering these General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs, the PUBLISHER explicitly agrees with the public release, advertising usage for commercial and non-commercial purposes, copying and alternating of his quotes, photographs, portraits or recordings.

§ 18 Awards, honors and other recognitions
As part of its usual business activity, I-BUTLER gives regular awards, honors and other recognitions to its meritorious PUBLISHERs. If a legal person or voluntary association was registered with I-BUTLER instead of a natural person additionally in accordance with § 3 (11), then this legal person or partnership is not entitled to receive an award, honor or other recognition. Instead of the legal person or partnership, the owner, associate or representative, who was originally registered with I-BUTLER, shall receive the award, honor or other recognition.

§ 19 Limitation period
All rights from this contractual relationship will become time-barred on both sides within 6 months. The period of limitation begins at the moment of the maturity of the claim or at the moment of the origin or recognition of the claim. Legal adjustments setting a longer period of limitation hereby remain intact.

§ 20 Application of law/ jurisdiction
(1) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is in force excluding the Union purchase law. The enforcing regulations of the country in which the PUBLISHER has his usual residence remain intact. If the General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs are created in local languages for foreign PUBLISHERs, then in case of different interpretations and translation errors the German version applies only.

§ 21 Final provisions
(1) I-BUTLER has at any time the right to make changes in the General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs and the General delivery conditions including the reward program and the regulations it contains. I-BUTLER will announce changes to the PUBLISHER in an adequate period of one month via the back office, e-mail or fax. The PUBLISHER has the right, in case he is unfamiliar with the changes, to properly revoke the contract in the period between the announcement of the changes and their coming into force. Should he not revoke the contract after the change had been made, then it stands that the PUBLISHER automatically accepts the change.

(2) Aside from that it is necessary that the changes or the amendment of the General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs have a written form. The same applies to cancelling a request for a written form.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions / Member conditions are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions or separable parts of the invalid provision shall remain unaffected. Instead of the invalid parts shall such legislation as agreed which comes under the lawful purpose of the invalid provision and the interests of those involved in the next. This procedure also applies to any loopholes. For errors in translation or understanding errors arising from the translation, takes i-butler no liability. The decisive and tying Conditions are the Germans.

By these general terms and conditions / Member conditions agreed is exclusively subject to the German law. Power and performance is Munich. Court of jurisdiction is, insofar as the user and/or partner businessman, legal person of public law or public special assets in Germany is or has no general place of jurisdiction also as agreed in Munich.

I-BUTLER reserves the right to these Terms and Conditions / Member conditions and other conditions and information relating to services and the use of I-BUTLER, re-regulate, modify or supplement. All members / partners are therefore obliged to check these terms periodically for changes and amendments. Possibly changing conditions effective upon publication by I-BUTLER with the next use by the member / partner in power.
The state of General Terms and Conditions for PUBLISHERs as of: May 12th 2016